We are pleased to offer design assistance to our valued clients. Jeff Burns LC leads our application team using AGi32 software by Lighting Analysis's Inc. the lighting industry's leading sofrware for lighting professionals. Jeff is an accredited instructor for Lighting Analysts and is one of only 14 such instructors in all of North America.

AGi32 is both powerful and effective in modeling interior and exterior spaces for accurate light level measurements. However the software goes far beyond photometric predictions. Visualization is extremely important to comprehend changes in luminance for different materials and surface properties and predict the effect of various luminaire designs in real-world, light and surface interaction. AGi32 becomes a mock-up substitute that can save time and money by creating a virtual model of a proposed design.

We offer the following computation possibilities:

Interior/Exterior applications; Illuminance, Luminance, Exitance, Lighting Power Density (LPD), Unified Glare Rating and Luminance in rendered RGB and/or pseudo-colour, light trespass and obtrusive light calculations.

In addition, AGI's Photometric Toolbox allows us to compare various manufacturers' products and report back to you, our client, with complete non-bias results.

technical rendering lighting

Lighting Controls

Let MedgarLCi take control of your lighting system. Whether it is single room or whole building lighting control system, we can help find a solution to fit your budget.

We offer the following lighting control services:

  • Lighting Control Design
  • Sensor Layouts
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • System Start-Up
  • User Training

Benefits of a lighting control system:

An optimal lighting control system helps to reduce energy consumption while providing the right amount of light where it’s need, when it’s needed.

Delivers a safer and more comfortable space for occupants

Improves employee satisfaction and productivity through ideal lighting levels.

Offers energy savings

Lighting controls and daylighting can achieve energy savings by dimming lights or turning them off when they are not needed saving you money on your electricity bill.

Extends the life of your lighting fixtures

Occupancy sensors and/or time schedule controls lower maintenance expenses by automatically turning off or dimming lights that are not in use.

Increases the flexibility of your lighting system

Control a whole floor, a section of a floor, an office or a group of fixtures with dimming or switching control depending on your specific needs and the needs of the end-users.

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