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Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan

Mighton Engineering and Elemental Design in Kitchener, ON selected luxury design luminaires from Louis Poulsen to create a functional, comfortable and environmentally-friendly office space for Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan’s office.

As a part of the building proposal, the lighting design sought to meet LEED® (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) certification and in 2011 earned the Gold designation. Louis Poulsen uses expert craftsmanship to provide exceptional decorative and functional lighting with Scandinavian design tradition. Louis Poulsen was a fit for FMRP’s new office as both companies illustrate how a clear focus on climate and energy consumption can be consistent with organizational success.

As a focal point, the Artichoke fixture boasts a world–famous sculptural aesthetic. The fixture displays 72 leaves, positioned to provide totally glare–free light from any angle. To ensure a high level of quality, much of the production process is still carried out by hand. Accompanying the Artichoke is Louis Poulsen’s PH 5-4½ & PH 6½-6 that are designed to increase the amount of light emitted horizontally to provide greater illumination of walls and shelves than was possible using standard three-shade lights.

Photos from Elemental Design.

Project Details

Project Type:
Commercial, Architectural
Cambridge, Ontario
Lighting Design:

Mighton Engineering (Kitchener, ON), Elemental Design (Kitchener, ON)