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Our Lady of Peace

The Halton District Catholic School Board is continually updating existing schools to meet the energy needs and requirements of tomorrow. The school board has two main goals for their retrofit program: to incorporate modern and improved lighting systems while reducing operating costs to create large energy savings in their schools. Both goals were achieved in a collaborative effort between Lightstudio (Burlington, ON), NRG Consultants (Ancaster, ON) and Medgar LCi.

In the main office and corridor areas Fluxwerx‘s Transom delivers an optimal balance of modern design, technical performance, and minimal energy consumption to integrate quality illumination with contemporary architecture. Complimenting the Transom in the main classroom areas are the Fluxwerx suspended View fixtures offering unparalleled design and a made-in-Canada lighting solution.

The lighting design was finished with colour-changing fixtures and creatively shaped luminaires. Recessed Lumenpulse Lumenline fixtures featuring RGB lighting controls highlight the first and second floor foyer, while Barbican‘s Silhouette fixture adds a fun and dynamic focal piece to the school’s library.

Photos by Bruce Ladouceur of Fusion Fotography.

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Oakville, Ontario
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