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RLB Accounting Lighting

Cooper Lighting Solution’s Corelite The Divide™ offers a modern, ultra-shallow design complemented with functionally engineered features for practical use. High performing Accu-Aim™ optics allow for maximum energy savings while achieving desired light levels. The strikingly beautiful recessed series adds elegance and sophistication to the office space. Prudential’s Zenith Down is the ultimate direct pendant at over 100 lumens per watt, with integral drivers and crisp lines creating a unique focal point in the office.

RLB Accounting office features lighting controls by Cooper Lighting Solution’s Fifth Light technology. Lighting represents a major component of the total energy consumed by a building. Managing lighting with advanced technology is an effective way to control costs, increase efficiency and raise productivity. RLB can reduce operating costs, conserve energy and improve lighting quality with the Fifth Light addressable lighting control system.

Photos from Fortech Engineering.

Project Details

Project Type:
Commercial, Architectural
Guelph, Ontario
Lighting Design:

Jordan Acri of Fortech Engineering