St. Jerome’s University Library

The University of Waterloo completed a renovation at St. Jerome’s library with the goal of creating an efficient, comfortable, and productive workplace. Initially this job was designed using wired controls, putting the overall project cost over-budget. Using a Vive Wireless System from Lutron we were able to save money without sacrificing functionality or reliability.

Why Vive?

  • Save on time and Labour. Vive installs 70% faster than wired control solutions—means shorter timelines and lower costs. Controls install quickly, and you can do them overnight, one room at a time, with no rewiring necessary.
  • Meet code. Meet your needs. Vive has simple, code-compliant solutions for any space in your building. Put the right controls in the appropriate office and connect them all with just one system.
  • Proven technology – it just works. Millions of wireless systems have been installed in workspaces, offices, and business parks around the world, backed by industry-leading quality.
  • Solve problems. Adjust effortlessly. Simple software, available on your phone, allows you to re-program or adjust settings from anywhere. And Vive evolves with you, allowing you to make changes in your wireless setup without rewiring, so you can quickly adapt to new guidelines and needs.

Photos by DesignSQ

Project Details

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Waterloo, Ontario
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