• 1 The Ultimate T5HO Highbay lights up the ultimate fighter plane – The US Air Force's YF-22 Raptor.
  • 2 Air Foil – Contemporary large scale lighting from Visa. Make your next project a personal statement.
  • 3 Innovative LED parking garage luminaire that combines perfomance AND visual comfort.
  • 4 Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam. Bega High Power performance floodlights illuminate a landmark.
  • 5 3G Lighting's LED Kubo Series lets you play with your imagination, what's your limit?
  • 6 Sky Oculus P–8900 Series by Prudential Lighting. Inspiration by Nature.
  • 7 Large scale luminaires from Lumetta enhance your space while meeting your budget.
  • 8 The Louis Poulsen Collage. Elegance for your home or hospitality environs.
  • 9 Imagination has no limits with Visa Lighting. Plyboo bamboo veneer overlay on acrlic drums, no problem!
  • 10 Transom by Fluxwerx – Inspired by architecture. Engineered for performance.
  • 11 Kubo – Style and precision. From 3G Lighting.
  • 12 Beta-Calco's 3D Bubble, contemporary design makes any space come alive.
  • 13 Pulse by Prudential Lighting. Inspired by, and made in California.
  • 14 Lumenpulse's creativity aides in illuminating Space Shuttle Atlantis. Out of this world!
  • 15 LSI track illumination – Four Seasons Head Office.
  • 16 LED Surface Mount Kubo – How to make a high school cafeteria student friendly from 3G Lighting.
  • 17 Transom by Fluxwerx – Light, materials, form and space are the elements. People are the reason.
  • 18 Rubbie – LED Bollard lighting by Louis Poulsen. Form meets function.
  • 19 Creativity abounds with BK Lighting.
  • 20 Enigma by Louis Poulsen. Make a statement. Boldly.
  • 21 Visa Sequence – Allowing you to customize and create a unique look borne from a single luminaire.
  • 22 Refined Imagery – The Blitz, from Sistemalux.
  • 23 Contemporary exterior lighting by Invue (Cooper Lighting).
  • 24 Beta-Calco's Ring allows for playful expressions utilizing various sizes to create unique lighting environments within any space.
  • 25 Lumenpulse illuminates the Customs House in Old Montreal. Beaux-Arts architecture meets LED innovation.
  • 26 Style and Precision – Kris by iGuzzini.
  • 27 Ametrix by Cooper Lighting – LED Solutions for today's environment.
  • 28 The Unity Series – Contemporary patient and long term care lighting by Visa.
  • 29 Illuminate your closet the smart way – io LED Closet Rod lights the way.
  • 30 BK Lighting's Adjust-e-Lume® – Now that's progress.
  • 31 Lumetta – Custom luminaires for creative minds.
  • 32 View by Fluxwerx – When light connects architecture and humanity.
  • 33 Style and Flair – iSign, From iGuzzini.
  • 34 The Mira (3G Lighting), the Chameleon of Luminaires sets the mood for your hospitality or retail environment.
  • 35 Sparks by Sistemalux – Endless possibilities.
  • 36 Revitalise a major entrance to an affluent shopping centre – create the mood with Lumenpulse.
  • 37 View by Fluxwerx – Clearly changes the paradigm.
  • 38 VIP Kubo – Contemporary large scale architectural statement from 3G Lighting.
  • 39 Artichoke by Louis Poulsen – A Classical Masterpiece.
  • 40 Spectra – Detailed Design by 3G Lighting.
  • 41 Beta-Calco's DNA allows for creative designs by mixing and matching various DNA pieces to create unique
    visual effects for any project.

  • 42 Visa Lighting's Shuffle turns your luminaires into contemporary art.
  • 43 Profile by Fluxwerx –Simple is complicated. Invisible is innovation.
  • 44 Enduring materials, elemental design – Sustainable Luminaires by Teka Illumination.
  • 45 A unique solution for a complex challenge – innovative LED lighting by Ametrix by Cooper Lighting.
  • 46 Lumetta compliments your home with contemporary designs.
  • 47 Lumenpulse's Lumenfacade RGB gives soul to Peter Pownings beautiful sculpture "Memory Vessel".
  • 48 J2 Light – a made in Canada LED solution with vertical optics, low glare and Vertikuhl technology.
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Beta-Calco Inc. Is Here!

We are pleased to announce that Medgar Lighting & Controls has been chosen to represent Beta-Calco Inc. Beta-Calco is a Canadian architectural lighting manufacturer of the highest quality with emphasis on contemporary designs incorporating the latest in LED technology.

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